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Membership of ISPAE & its Advantages

ISPAE council communicates at least 3 times a year with all its members by formal newsletters and many more times by informal emails. Members are privy to contact details of the whole membership, via a members-area login on the website. Reduced registration rates for ISPAE biennial meetings and training programs are offered to members. Sponsorship to international pediatric endocrinology society sponsored training schools is available for members. International linkages such as those already set up with ESPE (European Society for Pediatric Endocrinology) and APPES (Asia Pacific Pediatric Endocrine Society) provide opportunities for professional enhancement for members of ISPAE. ISPAE continues to maintain strong ties with our parent pediatric society, Indian Academy of Pediatrics, and our members participate in educational and professional activities of IAP regularly. Finally, ISPAE offers a forum for members to develop leadership roles in collaborative research, physician and patient education, and advocacy.

Rules for and types of membership

There are 2 categories of membership, life membership and associate life membership.

  1. Only qualified pediatricians may be life members.
  2. Qualified endocrinologists (or professionals of other related disciplines with evidence of interest in pediatric endocrinology) may be admitted as associate life members.
  3. Associate foreign members shall be all those (pediatricians / non pediatricians) not residing in India.
  4. Membership fee for Life Membership is Rs. 3000.00 and Associate Life Membership is Rs 1500.00.
  5. For Associate Foreign Membership, the subscription (for a 10 year membership) is US $50.00 for those residing in SAARC/World Bank designated developing nations and US $100.00 for those residing in developed nations.

Note: The application for membership shall be in the prescribed application form for membership of Society which shall be duly filled in and signed by the applicant and shall be accompanied by the fees as applicable which shall be returned in due time if the Credentials Committee does not accept the application.

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