ISPAE 2019

ISPAE Diabetes Insipidus Information

Instructions for patient on Desmopressin treatment for Diabetes Insipidus

Patients are instructed to follow the given guidelines:
  1. Never change dosage of medicine without the advise of doctor.

  2. Give next dose of Desmopressin only when the effect of the previous day's dose has finished, and the patient begins passing urine frequently for atleast 2 hours.

  3. On days of cold and stuffy nose, the effectiveness of the Desmopressin is low, so the patient will pass larger amount of urine. Give oral fluids according to thirst. Do not try to double the dose of Desmopressin.

  4. On days of fever, loose motions and vomiting, Desmopressin should be continued. Extra oral fluids should be given according to thirst.

  5. If patient becomes unconscious, consult a local doctor immediately.

  6. You must consult in our outpatient department once in 3 to 6 months with appointment.

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