The section presents a collection of some distinct articles published in the previous editions of the CAPENEWS - official newsletter of ISPAE. Click the section to surf through the topics available in that section or click the pdf icon to download the entire section.


  1. Chronic Illness: Role Of The Doctor Along With The Caregiver
  2. Developmental Origins Of Health & Disease (dohad)
  3. Endocrine Complications In Multiply Transfused Patients With Thalassemia
  4. Endocrine Patient Information On The Net
  5. Future Of Pediatric Endocrinology In India


  1. A Case Of Ijo
  2. Clippings For Capenews
  3. Excerpts From Meetings
  4. Forum
  5. International Update: Bangalore 2004
  6. International Update: Mumbai 2008
  7. Pth Assays And Their Interpretation
  8. Rickets In Young Children Vs Adolescents: Varying Role Of Calcium Intake And Vitamin D
  9. Vitamin D Deficiency In Young Infants


  1. Brief Abstracts Of Some Appes 2006 Presentations (thailand)
  2. Clippings For Capenews
  3. Excerpts From International Update, Mumbai, February 2008
  4. Forum: gnrh Stimulation Test
  5. Forum: Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia
  6. Gnrh & Its Analogs In The Evaluation Of Pubertal Disorders
  7. Management Of Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia: Surgeon's Perspective.
  8. Precocious Puberty: Diagnosis & Management.
  9. The Pelvic Ultrasound In Childhood


  1. Celiac Disease.
  2. Childhood Obesity
  3. Childhood Obesity: Imbalance Of Energy Equation
  4. Clippings For Capenews
  5. Diagnostic Approach To Growth Deficiency.
  6. Excerpts From International Update: Bangalore, 2004
  7. Excerpts From International Update, Mumbai, 2008
  8. Familial Short Stature.
  9. Genetic Syndromes Causing Short Stature
  10. Growth Hormone Therapy In Idiopathic Short Stature
  11. Members' Questions (apr 2005)
  12. News: Deaths In Pws Patients On Gh
  13. Overweight And Obesity In Affluent Adolescent Girls Of Bangalore
  14. Recognizing Psychosocial Short Stature
  15. Turner Syndrome: Growth Promoting Therapy.
  16. Turner Syndrome: The Indian Experience.


  1. Benefits Of Conducting Diabetes Patient Education Camps.
  2. Brief Abstracts Of Some Appes 2006 Presentations (thailand): Plantar Fascia Thickness- A Novel Measure Of Tissue Glycation. (maria E Craig Et Al, Children's Hospital At Westmead, Sydney, Australia)
  3. Consensus Guidelines 2000
  4. Diabetic Pregnancy Managed By Insulin Pump Therapy (aug 2004)
  5. Excerpts From International Update, Mumbai, 2008
  6. Insulin Pump Therapy: Initial Indian Experience And The Path Ahead
  7. Monitoring: The Essence Of Managing Diabetes.
  8. Prevention Of Diabetic Nephropathy.
  9. Residential Camps For Children With Diabetes.


  1. Clippings For Capenews
  2. Clippings For Capenews
  3. Esicon 2005: Some Points (ap Weetman, Sheffield, Uk)
  4. Excerpts From International Update Mumbai 2008
  5. International Update: Bangalore. 2004
  6. Laboratory Diagnosis Of Thyroid Disease: Pitfalls
  7. Neonatal Thyroid Screening Program Using Filter Paper Method
  8. Neonatal Thyroid Screening: Some Issues
  9. Thyroid Scanning In Children