Guidelines for Patients

Knowledge is very important to tackle any kind of problem that arises in your life. This column of ISPAE aims at opening the gates to find answers to common questions and doubts of the patients. The source of this stream are the members of the society themselves. Contributions of the members are actively solicited and appreciated to continue the flow of this stream of education.

Click the links below to read through or click the pdf icon to download the material:

Growth Chart for Boys and Girls (Graph)
General guidelines for Weight reduction (Hindi)
Nutrition exchange lists (Hindi)
Stress instructions for patients on Steroid Replacement (Hindi)
Diabetes Education Booklet and School Information(Hindi)
Preliminary general instructions for Adult(type 2) Diabetes (Hindi)
Preliminary general instructions for Adult (type 2) Diabetes (English)
Instructions for patients with Central Diabetes Insipidus (English)
Information sheet – Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (English)
Website for Type 1 diabetes by AIIMS, New Delhi