Starting from January 2021, ISPAE has initiated a flagship academic program called ISPAE-ACES: Academic and Clinical Education Series, for pediatric endocrine trainees across India. It is a monthly 2-hour virtual session that includes 2 case discussions by trainees, moderated by faculty from India, and 2 lectures by topic experts from India and other countries. So far, we successfully conducted the following programs that are attended by close to 150 pediatric endocrinologists and trainees. These programs are live-streamed in ISPAE YouTube Channel.

Bone Disorders in children 24th June 2023

Bone Disorders in children

Technologies and Diabetes 27th November 2022

Technologies and Diabetes

Growth January 2021


Metabolic Bone disease February 2021

Metabolic Bone disease

Pediatric Thyroid Disorder March 2021

Pediatric Thyroid Disorder

Pediatric Diabetes April 2021

Pediatric Diabetes

Adrenal Gland May 2021

Adrenal Gland

Pubertal Disorders June 2021

Pubertal Disorders

Disorder/ Differences of Sex Development July 2021

Disorder/ Differences of Sex Development

Neonatal Diabetes and Hypoglycemia August 2021

Neonatal Diabetes and Hypoglycemia

PAMD September 2021


Endocrine complications in childhood cancer survivors October 2021

Endocrine complications in childhood cancer survivors

Thyroid Disorders January 2022

Thyroid Disorders

Water Homeostasis February 2022

Water Homeostasis

Growth Disorders March 2022

Growth Disorders

Adrenal Disorders April 2022

Adrenal Disorders