Diabetes education plays an integral part in the holistic management of children with Type 1 diabetes. Educational programs helps to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to optimize glycemic control, reduce the risk of complications, make informed choices to facilitate self-directed behaviour changes and improved quality of life. ISPAE has designed a structured diabetes education module called “Basic Education Series in Type 1 Diabetes” (BEST) for children with Type1 Diabetes mellitus and their caregivers.

BEST has an eight-member Core Committee and an excellent team of faculty across the country with expertise and rich experience in childhood diabetes. Series of eight specially designed educational modules (power point presentations) were developed by the team, to train the participants with the basics and essential skills in management of type 1 diabetes.

Program Directors:
Dr. Shaila Bhattacharyya
Dr. Aspi Irani
Dr. Santhosh Olety
Ms. Sheryl Salis

Dr. Preeti Singh
Dr. Sirisha Kusuma B

ISPAE Office Bearers:
Dr. Ganesh Jevalikar
Dr. Rakesh Kumar

OUR OBJECTIVE: To provide essential knowledge and skills on the ambulatory management of children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes.

This course is intended for trained nursing staff, physician assistants, assistive school personnel, parents/caregivers of T1Ds or adult T1Ds, to learn basics of type 1 diabetes and its ambulatory management.

COURSE MODALITY: Structured, completely virtual, online training course

COURSE DURATION: 4 weeks, two-hours/week (Each Tuesday 7 PM – 9 PM)

COURSE FEE: 1000 INR/person (to be paid after selection and before the start of the course: non- refundable)

The first batch of BEST participants were successfully trained in April 2022. We plan to take 3 batches every year. A maximum of 30 participants will be selected per course.

ISPAE- BEST core committee is inviting applications for its 7th batch of the BEST (Basic Education Series in Type 1) program. It is a less intensive pediatric diabetes education course meant for parents and nurses that might suit your needs. 

Please find the attached flyer for the same. The last date for submitting the application is 24th March 2024 and the course begins from 9th April 2024.